Hello, I’m Yolanda

I’m very grateful that you’re here - thanks for stopping by :)

I have spent most of my adult life chasing the tail of Consciousness and trying to understand the deeper questions of life. This quest for the recognition of the true nature of my own being and the reality of existence has taken me from the banks of the Ganges with 60 million of my fellow Human Beings, to the depths of the Amazon Jungle with Indigenous Indians who have lived on the land since time immemorial (and many places in between).

After over twenty years of practicing Yoga, I decided that I wanted to share my love of Yoga with others. I have tried many different types of āsana practice; aṣṭāṅga, haṭha, kuṇḍalinī, vinyāsa, the list goes on, and on (and on). Whilst all of these different Yogic disciplines gave me a great deal of physical fitness and certainly helped me to de-stress, I always felt that something was missing. No matter how much I tried and how much I practiced, nothing could transform or dissolve my fears, my nuroses and the fragmented nature of my being.

That all changed when I discovered the non-dual Tantra of Kaśmir Śaivism, and had the opportunity to return to India, source of this ancient wisdom, to deepen my study of this ancient knowledge. In my experience, nothing beats travelling to the source, to experience a modality, a tradition, a discipline, a spiritual practice, a worldview, on the Earth from which it was borne and from within the culture which is its authentic home.

Yolanda French Kumbh Mela

Yolanda French Kumbh Mela Pilgrimage

My exploration of the Tantras resulted in the realisation that if I really wanted to understand the wisdom encapsulated in these teachings, study of Sanskrit would be necessary. This eventually led to my enrolment in Sanskrit language studies at the tertiary level. Learning the language and understanding the cultural context from which Yoga and Tantra were borne has provided a profound transformation of my perception of the wisdom teachings of India and the East.

I believe that for every individual there is a unique pathway to the flowering of their full potential as a Human Being in this incarnation. I am under no illusions that each and every Yogic discipline, healing modality or spiritual tradition has something to offer all of us. I am also conscious that we gravitate to the path that provides us the best opportunity to evolve, and for each one of us, that path will be unique.

I have walked down many such pathways and have gained much from each of the experiences I’ve had. For me however, the most authentic, the most essential, the most potent experience I’ve ever had in terms of a fuller recognition of my own nature and the nature of everything in existence, came through the non-dual Tantra of Kaśmir Śaivism. Travelling and studying in India (and at a tertiary institution) served to help me begin the process of dismantling my assumptions and enabled me to appreciate the importance of understanding the culture the gifted humanity with Yoga, Tantra and Sanskrit. The fact that I also got to learn to teach a beautiful āsana series as the very foundation of this knowledge was just an added bonus.

No Western practitioner of Yoga, Tantra or Sanskrit can avoid the issue of cultural appropriation. The lens through which we explore and examine the knowledge of the Sanatan Dharma often tints our perspective of the Eastern wisdom traditions with our own inherent assumptions and biases. It is important for me to acknowledge that I am not free of such assumptions and biases, but that I am also fully aware of, and working hard to dissolve (or at the very least minimise) them. An acknowledgement of the presence of such assumptions and biases go a long way to getting us closer to (and eliminates errors we might make) understanding this knowledge as authentically as possible. That was one of the reasons I undertook Sanskrit studies at an academic level, and spend as much time as possible in India learning in the traditional setting.

Over the past decade I’ve trained and studied with teachers in Australia, India and the United States. My desire is to share the wisdom of Yoga, Tantra, Sanskrit and the non-dual tradition as authentically as possible because it is highly relevant and supremely beneficial for living in today’s world. I'm also passionate about creating a community and supporting my students to expand their capacity for experiencing existence as it is. I offer classes and courses along the East coast of Australia and online. I also run workshops and retreats in India, Peru and Australia.