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I work with Yoga teachers and studios to develop and incorporate Sanskrit studies and philosophy into Yoga Teacher Training courses.
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Here’s what YTT providers and participants have to say about our collaborations

We were so thrilled to have Yolanda as one of our facilitators for The Yoga Loft’s 250hr Yoga Teacher Training. It was a great opportunity for the students to understand more about this ancient and complex language as well as the culture surrounding this time period.

Yolanda’s passion and deep understanding of Sanskrit was quite evident from the way she taught her sessions. She created a space where any questions were welcomed and took the time to make the complexities easily digestible. In addition, her friendly and vibrant personality kept our students engaged - Yolanda, in addition to her in-depth knowledge of Sanskrit has a brilliant delivery.
— Cveta, CEO, Creator & Head Yogi, Yoga Loft, Newcastle

During my time with Yolanda I was impressed with her knowledge of Sanskrit, Yoga and Eastern Philosophy. She has a skill for allowing the Sanskrit language to become more accessible to those with little to no prior knowledge, with a simple and interesting way of explaining the language structure and concepts. I loved the smatterings of eastern philosophy throughout the lessons that gave life and meaning to Sanskrit itself, and always left me with an even deeper curiosity about philosophy and my approach to life.
— Gemma, Yoga Loft YTT, 2018