A magical language and the architecture of consciousness

Sanskrit is the key to unlocking the essence of Yoga and Tantra

Sanskrit is so much more than a mystical language with complex grammar. If you’re a practitioner of Yoga or Tantra, understanding the language through which these ancient traditions were birthed is essential to deepening your practice and your understanding of consciousness.

Studying Sanskrit is both a challenging and rewarding experience that offers the student access to a whole new world. Far from being a dead language, Sanskrit is vibrantly alive, vibrationally beautiful and esoterically profound. Even just learning to read and write Devanāgarī (without knowing the meaning of the words) is a deeply mediative process in and of itself.

The Sanskrit language also offers a system for understanding existence through the building blocks sound, name and form, illustrating how consciousness unfolds from vibration to matter, from wave to particle.

Western students often feel too intimidated by the reputation Sanskrit has for being onerously difficult to attempt to learn the language. However, there are many ways to explore Sanskrit without having to study the grammar.

Sanskrit on the Ghats


For both Yoga teachers and students, even a little knowledge about Sanskrit offers profound insight into the philosophical foundations of Yoga and Tantra.

Correct pronunciation of āsanas and mantras can make a significant difference to your practice of Yoga and Tantra. Understanding how Sanskrit relates to the unfoldment of consciousness has the capacity to take your understanding of these ancient traditions to a whole new level.

Studying Sanskrit also helps to locate Yoga and Tantra in their original, appropriate cultural context. This provides an opportunity to align with a more authentic understanding of this revelatory knowledge.

My own study of Sanskrit has been one of the most beneficial experiences I have ever undertaken. Choosing to study the language at the tertiary level was a great litmus test for my commitment, my intellect and my ego. It has been the most humbling process of my life so far. In addition to that, exploring the sonic, vibrational nature of Sanskrit has given me some of the most blissful experiences I’ve ever had.

Sanskrit is an extraordinary language and I am by no means an expert. In fact, the more I study and practice, the more humbled I am by how little I know. Each new verse, text or translation that challenges my understanding, is an opportunity to experience existence with a beginner’s mind. However, I am confident that Sanskrit offers the perfect opportunity for each of us to understand the architecture of consciousness and access the wisdom of the original texts in the most authentic manner possible. If you’re inspired to explore Sanskrit, join me for a class, workshop, course or retreat.