Tantra is a yoga of relationship, the relationship of consciousness to itself

Consciousness is perpetually experiencing itself as you and through you, the one through the many

Tantra has become a popular buzzword in the modern spiritual scene, usually linked with the notion of mind-bending sexual experiences. However, a study of the Tantras themselves, reveals very little alignment between that which is being taught by most Tantra teachers and the Indian spiritual tradition presented in the Tantras.

Historically the Tantrik perspective was inextricably united with transformative spiritual practices designed to permanently liberate you from ignorance and suffering. That is, to experience jīvanmukti (embodied liberation - or liberation whilst living).

Far from being exercises to simply provide better sexual experiences (as Tantra is often shared in the West), the Tantras are based on divinely revealed teachings organised into carefully explicated texts which explain that which is beneficial, and that which causes hindrance to spiritual progress.

In my experience, the non-dual Tantra of Kaśmir Śaivism offers the most exquisite, the most expansive, the most comforting explanation of consciousness, humanity and nature that human endeavour has ever expressed.

This is why I have dedicated my life to exploring, understanding and sharing the magic of the Tantras with those who feel called to them.

Varanasi Puja

Varanasi Ghats

Tantra is a holistic system well-suited to ‘householders’ (those of us engaged in lives that include relationships, jobs, children etc) with an integrated set of practices that facilitate Self-recognition (the realisation of the true nature of the Self and the nature of Consciousness), including (but not limited to):

  • Yogāsana (postures)

  • Prāṇāyāma (culturing of the prāṇa through breathing)

  • Bandhas (culturing of the prāṇa through diaphragmatic binding)

  • Dhyāna (meditation)

  • Pūjā (ritual acts of consecration)

  • Mantra sādhanā (remapping of neural pathways through meditative repetition of sacred Sanskrit formulae)

  • Study of Sanskrit to facilitate true understanding of grammar, speech, sound, and the architecture of Consciousness

  • Knowledge through lived experience by studying the original texts

  • Transmission from a qualified teacher

  • Intensive self-inquiry

Tantra is a vast tradition and I am by no means an expert. In fact, the more I study and practice, the more humbled I am by how little I know. Each new verse, text or encounter with someone or something that challenges my understanding, is an opportunity to experience existence with a beginner’s mind. However, I am confident that Tantra offers the perfect opportunity for each of us to dissolve the layers of conditioning that stand in the way of experiencing existence (and each other) as it is, in pure, unadulterated, blissful, glory. If you’re inspired to explore Tantra, join me for a class, workshop, course or retreat.