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I attended a class / workshop / event with you at my local yoga school / a festival and I would like to continue studying with you


Online courses or private mentoring are the best ways to continue your studies on a regular basis.

Live, interactive classes are conducted over the internet via Zoom and are therefore accessible from wherever you live. Courses might include lecture style teachings, in-class discussion, chanting, meditation and homework assignments. Includes access to the online community platform where course materials and class recordings are hosted and you can share your journey with fellow students in a secure environment of like minded souls.

I also tour throughout Australia, The US and Europe offering in-person classes, workshops and retreats to support your studies. To see if I will be teaching in your area, you can explore my up to date schedule here.

I am interested in hosting a workshop at my yoga centre


I travel throughout the Australia, the US and Europe offering classes, workshops, retreats and Sanskrit studies for yoga teacher training programs. Please submit the form on the Connect page for more information on hosting me, or to incorporate Sanskrit Studies into your Yoga Teacher Training Program.

I'm a yoga teacher and want to study Sanskrit to enhance my classes and deepen my knowledge. Is there a learning path you can recommend for me to follow?


To deepen your own knowledge and expand your teaching practice, I recommend attending an in-person event, private mentoring or participating in online courses.

In addition to direct study, it is important to develop a consistent home study practice.

I'm an absolute beginner to Sanskrit, and am interested in learning. What would be the best class to take?


Your best options are the beginners workshop and the online Sanskrit course. These practical, accessible, engaging and inspiring courses are great for beginners to Sanskrit. They’re available through in-person workshops or as an online video class.