I’m grateful for this kind feedback

It is why I study what I study, share what I share, and do what I do

Cveta, Newcastle


‘We were so thrilled to have Yolanda as one of our facilitators for The Yoga Loft’s 250hr Yoga Teacher Training. It was a great opportunity for the students to understand more about this ancient and complex language as well as the culture surrounding this time period.

Yolanda’s passion and deep understanding of Sanskrit was quite evident from the way she taught her sessions. She created a space where any questions were welcomed and took the time to make the complexities easily digestible. In addition, her friendly and vibrant personality kept our students engaged - Yolanda, in addition to her in-depth knowledge of Sanskrit has a brilliant delivery.’

Michael, New York


'Deepening my Tantra practice with Yolanda was possible based on the grace, ease, and joy that she brings to the transmission of this timeless knowledge. Her ability to guide me through the āsanas in a deeply relaxing way, as well as explaining conceptual ideas in a such a holistic manner, always puts my mind and body into alignment while cutting through the clatter of modern life. Whether in a private or class setting, the core teachings of Tantra are always received as the gift of renewal they were meant to be, leaving me grateful for our connection.'

Nicola, Bundanoon


'Having dabbled in different styles of yoga over the years, I found Yolanda's Tantra Yoga classes, with her relaxing tones, supportive guidance and ethereal personality, to be life changing. The connection between stretching into āsanas then flowing back to Śavāsana not only improved my flexibility and reduced pain from old injuries, but also created a sense of calm and inner peace, a feeling of contentment.'

Judy, Bundanoon


'I found Yolanda's Tantra Yoga classes very suitable for an older person who had not previously practiced Yoga. Her clear instruction and guidance made attaining the impossible possible. I found a Yogic breathing exercise that Yolanda taught me, practiced in the early morning, energised me for the whole day. A very pleasant and beneficial experience.'

Mathew, Sydney


'Yolanda's Yoga classes are the bomb. They might make you laugh, they might also make you cry, but one thing is for sure; when you do a Tantra Yoga class with her, A LOT of stuff will shift. You will let go of tension, stress, fear, worries, doubts, and all the other crap you're carrying around. Afterwards, you will feel like a new human being and walk out with a calm smile of relaxed happiness. I've done other types of Yoga that helped me stay fit and calmed me down a bit, but Tantra Yoga is a whole other ballgame. When you deeply relax, you really can let go of a lot of shit. In a crazy world, this kind of experience really is priceless.’

Jen, Melbourne


'Yolanda is such a great teacher, able to teach all levels of experience in one class and even complete beginners like me! I particularly enjoyed the full day workshop she ran which included Yoga, dance and meditation. I was able to get in touch with depths of my inner self that I never have before.'

Quarry, New York


'I benefited greatly from Yolanda’s Tantra Yoga ‘remarkable' classes. Although the poses were quite simple, they had a surprisingly profound and healing effect. I have been to countless Yoga classes, but was struck by how open my body felt after Yolanda’s class and what a profound sense of wellbeing and relaxation it left me with. One often hears of how the Yoga that is taught in America is a recently evolved creation, and it was truly a pleasure and very informative to be guided through an āsana series that was authentic to the original traditions. Most importantly, through the classes and her knowledge of prāṇāyāma, I have come to a profoundly different understanding of breathing, which has been good for my overall wellbeing, and more concretely, very beneficial to my day to day health. I have been chronically plagued by colds and respiratory problems, but these issues have been greatly alleviated since my classes with Yolanda.'

James, New York


‘I had not done much Yoga before Yolanda introduced me to Tantra. It was a deeply transformative experience and introduced me to a whole new perspective on how to improve my own wellbeing. The āsana series she teaches, and the way she guides you through a class is quite different from other classes I’ve tried since. It really is quite special. Yolanda's ability to create an environment where you can drop into a state of deep relaxation, even whilst holding a challenging pose for quite a long time is amazing. In a city like New York, where we’re all pushed for time, and stressed to the point of burn out, Yolanda’s classes, and her perspective on relaxation and wellbeing are a revelation. I don’t think I actually really knew what it meant to relax until I did Tantra Yoga with her. Now, I practice other types of Yoga when she’s not in town, but I’m always grateful for her return to New York because nothing beats the deep sense of peace I feel after doing a class with her.’

Peter, Newcastle


‘Yolanda has a great depth of knowledge not only of Sanskrit specifically but of the areas surrounding the language. She is able to share her knowledge in a way that keeps you moving forward in an engaged and enthusiastic way.’

Gemma, Newcastle


‘During my time with Yolanda I was impressed with her knowledge of Sanskrit, Yoga and Eastern Philosophy. She has a skill for allowing the Sanskrit language to become more accessible to those with little to no prior knowledge, with a simple and interesting way of explaining the language structure and concepts. I loved the smatterings of eastern philosophy throughout the lessons that gave life and meaning to Sanskrit itself, and always left me with an even deeper curiosity about philosophy and my approach to life.’